Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puppy Love

Scooter took us to the dog show. He didn't want to sit still to watch the competition but wanted instead to check out the real action. He found Ian and Wilson, the cutest and smartest little Westies. These adorable dogs have made commercials and Wilson is an agility champ.

He looked up to a handsome Great Dane.

Scooter checked out the local real estate.

He backed away from this exotic creature...not sure of its species. This is Midas, a Chinese Crested Dog.

He cast a curious glance at the two cuties (above and below) in clothing. (Slap me if I ever get this silly.)

Scooter thought a scarf was acceptable, though.

Scooter couldn't get close to this precious pup, as she was on the move. (I know, the photo is blurred because she wouldn't sit still but I had to show her!)

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Scooter (left) is smitten by this petite charmer, "It's just you and me Babe and there's a little pink cottage waiting for us over on aisle D" (Translation from Dog Talk.)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Design a Bathroom Around This

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And they did. Our tiny guest bathroom with its original clawfoot tub is a little masterpiece, making our two Cote Bastide wall hooks at home.

Note: We had been saving the two wall hooks for two or three years...not knowing where we would use them.