Monday, September 8, 2014

Rangoon Creeper

Quisqualis indica

One morning, while the dogs and I were out walking, we paused to chat over the fence with my friend and neighbor Susan.  Her lush, cottage garden is the treat-of-the-day for us. I spotted a wonderful vine growing on her fence.  She told me it is a Rangoon Creeper.  After doing a computer search, I learned that it blooms all summer and is heat and drought resistant.  So, Tall Husband and I were off to our local nursery...Buchanan's.  Sure enough, they had a beautiful Rangoon Creeper, swooning with clusters of blooms.  The Creeper will replace the Star Jasmine that only blooms a few days out of the year and didn't make it through last winter's freeze.

There is an unexpected bonus, the Rangoon blooms make sweet-scented, long-lasting cut flowers for the Bungalow, changing from the palest of pinks to the beautiful color you see in the photo above.

Wishing you a wonderful week, Dear Friends.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Walking Tall

Tall Husband is bravely, if not quietly, recovering from neurosurgery (spinal).  The surgery was outpatient, this past Friday...if that makes you catch your breath, join me in breathing exercises. He had surgery in the morning and I drove him home that evening, with the anxiousness of transporting fragile eggs...Faberge at that!  Scooter and Skipper sniffed all the strange smells that Tall Husband brought with him from the surgical suite. Of course during their sniff/see, they discovered his zipper in the back.  Then it was, "We can make it better, let us just pull the tape off and lick it."

Thank you all for your well wishes.

A special Note:  The beautiful bouquet in the photographs above is from his colleagues at the GXT R&D Department.  He sends his thanks, R&D!