Wednesday, January 16, 2019

An Ordinary Saturday

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Each day brings us little surprises to enrich our day and our Saturday was no different. Tall Husband was driving my old Beemer down the freeway, which is terrifying, as he drive just like me, except with tailgating thrown in. "Would you like to go the the old feed store over on Washington Avenue to look at their plants?" he asked, as he narrowly missed the back end of a slow moving dump truck.

"Yes!" Not because I wanted to see plants but because they have bunnies there.

As we pulled into the parking lot, my mobile phone was Tall Son. I told him we had just arrived at the feed store. "Is that a new restaurant?"

I explained that it's an old-fashion feed and seed store that sells feed for animals plus other items.

When we walked into the store we saw a young teen attempting to stroke the head of the store mascot, a parrot. The parrot bit her finger and drew blood...a lot of blood.  The girl screamed, then crumpled to the floor. "What was that?" Tall Son asked, as he had heard the scream over the mobile phone.

"Oh, a parrot bit a girl and she fainted. They are carrying her outside. Now they are propping up her feet."

Minutes later our conversation was interrupted by sirens. I answered my son's questions, "Oh the ambulance arrived...they are tending to her wound and attempting to bring her back to consciousness."  At this Tall Son burst into laughter.



"Mom, you're reporting this as if it is an everyday event.  So deadpan!  If you were anyone else, I would think you were making it all up.  But I have seen these weird incidents happen to you wherever you go."

"To me?!  I wasn't the one who was almost born on an Army chopper near Russian occupied territory."

"Mom!  You were the one who got on that chopper...that was hardly my weird event."

And so went another ordinary Saturday.