Sunday, May 13, 2012

Woosh...Thirty Years Together!

Happy Anniversary, Darling!

I'll never forget your proposal in Paris at that little bistro.  Then back in Houston, on our wedding day, you somehow made your way through a storm and flooded streets to fetch me from the office.  Remember?  I was in the ladies room when I heard loud banging at the door...then, "Don't you want to get married?"

"Yes!  I shouted back.  "Who is it?"

Tall Husband, thanks for choosing me and for all the wild, even dull or tearful moments we have had together.  I wouldn't want to have missed one of them.
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Althea Says, "You're Home"

 Double, white Althea

When The Bunny Bungalow became our fulltime home, we missed some of the things we left behind at My Ranchburger.  The Althea tree with its double blossoms was one of them, so Tall Husband had a neighborhood nursery order a small Althea tree for us last fall.  This is its first summer to bloom.  I look out through the french doors to count the blossoms, as I work in the kitchen and my heart knows this is truly home.  Thank you, Tall Husband. 
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