Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bouncing Bunnies

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Detail of a painting by Martha Gannon; photo of same by Annie Sitton

Who wouldn't want to spend time at a B&B with paintings of bouncing bunnies in every room? And you know how we love bunnies!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fire on 22nd Street

A motorist makes a hasty u-turn.

From our driveway, I watch as the fire fighters put out the truck fire.

Fire fighters use bars and power saws to open the hood.

Fire's out! Thanks, Houston Fire Fighters.
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There is always excitement in the Houston Heights, our neighborhood, and today was no different. On 22nd street at the corner of Rutland, a truck burst into flame. Tall Husband ran out with my cell phone...he never has his own phone handy. While he was on the phone to 911, I was running down the street with our kitchen fire extinguisher (Tall Husband later teased me.) The Fire Fighters arrived with their equipment just as I was about to pull the pen on my I ran back home to grab my camera, having missed a photo op of the really big flames.

No one was injured, as the driver seems to have hastily left the scene.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Construction Progresses at The Bunny Bungalow

Bubble Chair, by French super designer, Philippe Starck, was a favorite at My Ranchburger, the home we sold last month. So, the chair will sit in the garden at The Bunny Bungalow. It now sits on an old deck behind our bungalow. The deck will be torn out and replaced with a ground-level garden room between the garage/studio and the bungalow.

The garage/studio addition behind The Bunny Bungalow, as it looks presently. Note that the upstairs door to the porch is now in (French door but in the arts & craft style.) Also note that the crape myrtle tree to the right has survived its transplant and is blooming.

Our laundry room (new counter top is covered in heavy paper for protection.) I love having windows so that I can do spot removal with natural light (Rogers+Labarthe Architects think of everything!)

One of the pair of wall sconces on either side of the window seat. There was one of these in the wonderful powder room at My Ranchburger, so we are so happy to have a reminder of our previous home here in the new studio.

There are so many choices to make! We chose oiled bronze finish for the downstairs door knobs and locks...

and brushed nickle upstairs, where we are using our modern furniture (think le Corbusier from the thirties.)

In the stairwell is the finished moment with lighting for a place to stick a piece of art.

This tiny, well-equipped kitchen is like a galley on a boat. It makes me feel like a newly wed though, as it is reminiscent of my first kitchen.

The stainless steel refrigerator is only 24 inches wide (those architects again...they can source anything!)

Ipe wood decking, which is fire, decay and insect resistant, awaits installation on the second-floor porch.

Tall Husband and I are now full-time residents of the Houston Heights! With our main home sold (last month in record time) and with the addition to The Bunny Bungalow's garage/studio nearing completion, we are almost ready to begin renovation on the kitchen and bathrooms of our 1920 Bungalow. And we are still married!

Rogers+Labarthe Architects have begun the design on The Bunny Bungalow's kitchen and bathrooms. I'll take before and after photos of that remodel.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

She Just Lost Her Head

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Photo taken at Blackmail, a boutique in Austin, Texas.

I just lost it today! Tall Husband has often said that I need to get angry sometimes. Well, it’s too bad he didn't see me in action today.

An SUV pulled up in front of The Bunny Bungalow this afternoon. As I was expecting a landscape architect, I peeked out the window. What did I see? A motorist had just parked and began cleaning out his vehicle, throwing his trash out his window. I ran out on the front porch and called out to him, "Why are you throwing your garbage in my yard!?"

And without waiting for an answer, I sprang through the gate of the old picket fence, scooped up all his trash and threw it through the driver's window, right into his lap. He was so angry, that he peeled out, ran the stop sign, turned the corner on two wheels, then sped down a side street. I just smiled, because he didn't know about the huge speed bump in his path...his SUV made a lovely smashing sound when it hit that bump!

And Tall Husband thought that I couldn't get angry!