Monday, November 10, 2014

My Cosmos

I have attempted twice to have a wildflower garden here at the Bungalow, however, the flower gods are against me.  In frustration, one rainy, gloomy day, I put on my rain slicker and wellies, then took my little crank seed broadcaster into the alley.  I let the remaining wildflower seeds fly where they would, not caring if the birds ate them or if they were mowed down (as were my previous plantings.)  Then I forgot about them.  Until, I happened to glance down the alley one summer day while walking the dogs back home. There were dozens of bright flowers dancing in the breeze.  The dogs and I ran down the alley sniffing flowers here and there.  That was a happy day!  The Cosmos are still blooming, giving off a gentle fragrance not unlike the spice clove.  So, I think my Poppy seeds would do well in the alley over the winter, blooming next Spring.  What do you think?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's on Your Floor?

Scooter, our Maltese/Poodle mix has often helped me hose down those carpet tiles from Flor.

Dogs teach us so much...such as Oriental rugs and rover do not mix.  Then, jute rugs are wonderful if you don't live with puppies who love to tromp in the mud after a rain.

Skipper, our Labrador/English Cocker mix, inspecting a linen blanket that's been through the wash as often as he has.

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Since becoming parents of these two wonderful creatures, Tall Husband and I have adjusted our concept of luxury.  Luxury is anything that can be thrown in the washer or hosed down on the patio.

So, what's on your floors?