Monday, December 3, 2012

Notes From the Architect

In this time of generic, electronic messages, it is rare to receive a card that has been chosen just for you and rarer still to find a hand-written note inside...

Finding a little smudged, nibbled corner...a message added by the architect's bunnies...fills my heart with pure happiness.
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Note: The other day,  I found this note from last year tucked away in a book.  The young architect, Justice Pang, who had worked on the design of the both the guest house and The Bunny Bungalow's remodel, had sent us a note to let us know that he had completed his internship.  He also wanted us to know that he had enjoyed working on our project with Rogers+Labarthe Architects.  When both John Rogers and Suzanne Labarthe came to meet with us the fist time, Tall Husband and I fell in love with them; then when they told us about Justice's house bunnies, we knew that they were the architects for The Bunny Bungalow job.  Thanks to all of you for the home of our dreams!