Monday, February 10, 2014

An Advent Calendar Repurposed

An antique printer's drawer was what I thought I wanted, until I saw this zinc advent calendar. How perfect for all my tiny treasures, I mused...and it was on sale!  Thanks Tall Husband for hanging it properly.  The cost of my treasures?  Next to nothing.  The memories which they hold...priceless!

An Olympic Bronze metal from the Paris games of 1900, takes me on a trip of marvelous imaginings. 

A cast iron puppy with his tiny book has been with us for at least thirty years.

A parade of magnetic ants add a whimsical touch.

A tiny pair of antique sunglasses, made for a child, make you wonder what that little face must have looked like behind those glasses so many years ago.

A tiny watch face from France has its own niche.

A doll's hand evokes a poignant note.

A quail egg is equally adorable.

And this small hand from a Santos, holds a heart-shaped rock which my little Maltipoo, Scooter, brought to me in trade for a dog treat.  Priceless!