Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pissing and Moaning

Stink Bug on the front porch and on my camellia this morning
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That's me, pissing and moaning.  Or at least I was before getting a new knee.  I had a total knee replacement recently.  Surgery went beautifully but physical therapy is a bitch.  I like to think my knees look better than the bug's knees above.

Observation: If you are "double jointed" as I am, don't expect your two knees to function the same as they did prior to injury/surgery. So, now I have a knee that can pop backwards and one that won't. Feels strange but hopefully I will get accustomed to the different feel.

Confession: I am still pissing and moaning as I recover.  But I do it to myself, as Tall Husband just had a total right hip replacement and needs a brave person nearby.  He will get a left hip replaced as soon as he recovers from this one.  Hope we both live through his next one!