Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo Wednesday

Have a Howling Halloween!
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Comes to a Texas Garden

Texas is known for its pecans.  However, Tall husband and I have always had to buy our pecans from the supermarket, thanks to those cute, but thieving squirrels.

This year things are different around the Bunny Bungalow...Scooter and Skipper love chasing squirrels.  So, we have enough pecans to share with neighbors and still have some for munching and baking pecan pies. This morning we sat in the garden, cracking and eating pecans.  The boys taught themselves to pop open the nuts and eat only the meat but they prefer to bring pecans to us, demanding that we open them with the nutcracker.

Got to run now, Scooter just threw a pecan at me and barked.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When do the Flamingos Arrive?

Chatterblocks from Garnet Hill

Do you sneak around and order whimsical and interesting stuff from the Internet?  I have to confess...I do.  For some reason, being furtive adds to the thrill of the hunt.  Tall Husband never knows what he'll find when he walks through the back door.  Last week there were the realistic, large black ravens that would make Edgar Allen Poe proud, but frightened the hell out of the dogs.   This week it's the Chatterblocks, with which I spelled out, "Don't ask." (And can spell out endless phrases and greetings.)

Tall Husband upon seeing the blocks: "Why can't I ask?"
Me: "You just did."
Tall Husband:  "When do the flamingos arrive?"

That last question is one that Tall Husband asks often and it requires some explaining:

Years ago a friend vacationed in China then arrived back home, where upon she immediately began to act strange and order weird stuff.  The last straw for the family was the day a dozen live, messy flamingos arrived at the same time the twenty palm trees were being unloaded on their front lawn.  They wrestled Mom's credit cards from her and got her to a specialist who successfully treated her for an exotic cerebral infection.

So, when will the flamingos be here?...the dogs want to know!

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