Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arte Pura Italian Linens at Beadboard UpCountry

Arte Pura Italian linen pillow with Swarovski crystals, just to melt your heart!

Tall Husband and I took another Texas road trip this weekend. Who knew that we would find the only purveyors in the United States of Arte Pura Italian Linens? That Maryanne and Robespierre of Beadboard UpCountry, had been shopping in Paris and discovered Arte Pura...bella occasione!

Well, what blogger needs an invitation to photograph beautiful linens?

And what perfectionist can help but zoom in on such details. Oh, I wish you could just feel the texture of these linens.

This is such an inviting bed, piled with all that Italian.

Not only are there bed linens but there are other items for the bathroom and table. There are even linen pajamas and shirts.

And if you bring home one of the Arte Pura coverlets, you get a bag like the one above to tote it in.

You're not in the mood for white? You want some color? As in the little bag above?

Above: Styling by Robespierre and photography by Tall Husband.

Well, there are forty colors from which to choose.

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I are wondering what I couldn't live without. I bought that white linen Arte Pura table runner for the antique dining table at The Bunny Bungalow...perfetto!

Beadboard UpCountry in Historic Brenham, Texas
Beadboard UpCountry Blog

P.S. Maryanne and Peter, shop owners, will ship items to you. Just give them a call or e-mail (info is on their website.) Arte Pura is special order only but those Italians are rapido.


  1. I'm coming to Texas!

  2. Those linens are beautiful! Great job with the camera! marcia

  3. Hi Annie!
    So glad you are loving your runner! Thanks for appreciating the Arte Pura,when people feel the softness and see the detail they are blown away like you were...Thanks also for the mention.....Maryanne xo ( great pictures even of the bag! )

  4. I was there this weekend for Brenham Fine Arts League art show & saw this beautiful store. Oh my gosh, the linens are to die for. They are so beautiful. The store also has lovely dishes, upholstry & decorative items. The art show was fantastic as well. And, Brenham had a wine tasting in many of the stores around the downtown area. What fun we had!

  5. I like Arte Pura, it's wonderfull!
    Greetings from Belgium,