Friday, July 30, 2010

Lights, Camera...Front Door and More

The construction doors are gone and we now have the permanent doors to the garage/studio.

The exterior lights have been installed and outfitted with CFL lamps. All exterior lights are on timers. The new timers are tiny, programmable units built into the light switches.

The full view from the driveway of the garage/studio. Our builder took away his sign, as he kept getting calls from people wanting to rent the "garage apartment."

Work has also begun on The Bunny Bungalow: the old deck has been torn down and hauled away; temporary steps have been built; the architects have begun the design of the kitchen and bathrooms renovation; and the piers were straightened and reinforced. Landscaping design is also in progress.

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Today, our contractor had the roofing company take out the flooring of the second-floor porch and redo, correcting a problem the architect discovered this week. Next, the ceiling fan will have to be raised so as not to give Tall Husband an unwanted haircut. The above porch will be screened.
When the garage/studio is completed, we will move out of the bungalow and into the studio while the bungalow's kitchen and bathrooms are renovated. Fun, fun, fun!
Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm sure the progress has gone by a lot faster from my end than yours!... I have enjoyed seeing the progression and it all looks great! ~Terri

  2. Annie! It looks great!!!!! It has progressed beautifully!!!!!! I have a tip.... There is a ceiling fan, outdoor on Horchow. I have one, 3 of my clients have bought it and it looks like a lantern with that French curve glass bowl....
    I don't remember the name.....Go look, if you can't find it call me.....Maryanne xo

  3. OOO, I have been waiting to see the finished product. Do share more, as you begin to decorate.....please :)

  4. OOP forgot to mention, what is photographed looks great!

  5. Wow that is some cottage!! Love seeing all the progress. Can't wait to see more photos. :)