Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milagros Win Your Heart

The Milagros are from Behind the Garden Gate, in Houston Heights.

The antique Ex Voto is from Tongue in Cheek Antiques, the on-line Brocante in France

Handmade, antique gown from Willow Nest at Marburger Antiques Fair.

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The long, gray linen scarf is from Beadboard UpCountry, Brenham, Texas. Maggie the Mannequin is from Heights Antiques on Yale.

Behind the Garden Gate
238 West 19th Street, Suite B


  1. Oh Annie , those are some beautiful examples of Milagros!!!!All just adorable!!!!!!!! Will you be coming up??????If you do give us a heads up!!!!Maryannexo

  2. how sweet are these little charms.. what a pretty blog you have..


  3. Can the handmade white gown be a underdress?I have ine from my gradmother.It is so pretty ,but was used under her dresses.

  4. What a beautiful house and great photos of Day of the Dead celebrants and things. It really is extraordinary. I've really enjoyed this blog all the way from Australia Thanks!