Monday, March 7, 2011

Flipping Out

Tall Husband and I are flipping out. We are so excited that The Bunny Bungalow and the garage/studio are to be on the Houston Heights 2011 Spring Home & Garden Tour...but as you can see...the bungalow is not yet ready. The kitchen (above) shows promise,

the old clawfoot tub is waiting in the dining room.

The Stickley bed has been under wraps for awhile,

and from the upstairs screened porch of the studio, Scooter is keeping a worried watch on the progress. Stay tuned to see if we make the April 2, 2011 deadline! We may have to hand out hard hats.
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  1. I can't wait to see it finished! How exciting for you! I love all things bungalow I am envious that you have anything Stickley. Love.

  2. Oh my what a honour to be on the tour!
    I would love to be able to see your bungalow...
    and a Stickley bed!

    I would love more pictures after you finish flipping out...please!

  3. Hang in there Annie. I'm confident that the builder will rise to the occasion. Cute husband and I are available to paint if necessary!

  4. you are soooo brave...! congratulations on being on the tour....we'll want lots of pics!

  5. that sounds very exciting...I love my clawsfoot tub....

  6. Oh Annie!
    Just have the flippin dog there they won't even notice!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help with the translation........xoMaryanne

  7. Hi Annie

    Thanks for popping over my way.. wow.. I love your kitchen already.. and am sure it is going to be wonderful.... How I would love a bungalow myself.. perfect I think.. especially with their large verandahs.. aussies have a thing for their verandahs.. hahaha

    Have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  8. Congratulations on being selected for the tour! I am jealous in a very good way! So exciting! I love the Heights! I wish you a speedy finish and successful home tour!

  9. Hi Annie! Quick "Hi" from Sheron from Saturday's home tour. I just sent you an email to the comcast address in your contact link. Hope that is still valid. Sure enjoyed seeing the wonderful Bunny Bungalow and talking with you!