Monday, August 22, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

These are the "Dog Days of Summer" and even the dogs want to stay indoors! Stay as cool as you can.
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  1. What a cutie - he's almost identical to our house dog. They're "kinda" cousins - our guy is 1/2 poodle too. Winston's mom is a springer spaniel - so he's a sproodle. Love the non-shedding (and intelligence) of the poodle mix.

  2. Tout simplement !!!
    "Bon dimanche"
    J'ai vraiment eu plaisir à parcourir votre blog.
    J'ai beaucoup aimé ...
    MERCI ...
    A bientôt ...
    Bises ***

  3. Your dog is very cute as Pepsi ;-) Hugs of Provence.

  4. Really like your blog I'm just getting started so I'd like to come back The only way I know how to keep viewing is to 'bookmark' you.
    I have two Maltipoo's and, by golly they are from Houston area. You do great!

  5. It was great seeing you this morning on our dog walk! That puppy so so cute. You should post more pix. I can't get enough attention from puppies :)