Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Say Armadillo...He Says Tatou

Though Alexander was born in the United States, he has grown up in Europe and speaks French like a Parisian. He sounds like an American teen when he speaks English, but don't be fooled by his lack of an accent, as he's really a French teen. So the Americanization of Alexander continues. First there were the driving lessons in the fourth largest city in the United States, then learning about your homeland through your grandparents' eyes...

grandparents who are Texans with weird ideas about what being a North American is,

who take Alexander to eat barbecue, then to see kitsch such as a giant armadillo, uhr...tatou, with red glowing eyes.

And to a Beer Can House only a redneck mother could love...above is Alexandre, Alexander to us...with his back up against a wall of more beer bottles and cans than you would like to know exist.

Above is said Beer Can House...burp!

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Well, I think the tatou and the Beer Can House are both what we refer to as road kill in horrible you can't take your eyes off them. It's on to the shooting range next!


  1. How unusual to build a house of beer cans! That's recycling like I have never seen it before!

  2. I love the beer can house!

    I also love your little cottage!!! If only I could find one where I live. I keep thinking of checking out Rockport, TX for retirement. Although I've never been there..... just would like to be by the coast.

  3. Thanks a lot for this Tremendous Information.........

  4. Love the tin house and the feak'n rock'n armadillo!