Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shoe Heaven...Is that Redundant?

Am I dreaming?

You will not believe this...a chic trolley, filled with the most gorgeous shoes, pulled up, down the street from The Bunny Bungalow!  Here it is,  the Shoe Bar, Houston.

These belong in my, on my feet.

As do these...

and these....

and these.

Coryne, the owner of Shoe Bar, will even bring her trolley to a party at your place for a very reasonable fee.  I think our kind of party is taking shape...all trolleys and food trailers.  What fun!

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  1. The family will arrive in the US next saturday.Send the trolly to San Fransisco !

  2. LOL. You are witty. I think there is a shoe trolley in L.A.

  3. HI,Annie
    Good nice shoes, i will Subscription the blog and also welcome care for my blog ouwen smith's blog.

  4. Gorgeous to look at but sadly I don't think I could even stand up in some of those heels!