Monday, July 22, 2013

Well, Grab My Baguette!

Photo by Misha

My Daughter Misha is on holiday in the South of France.  I love the smartphone photos she has been sending of the grandchildren and all the sights.  Isn't this shop adorable?  

From a French car show, she sent a photo of an antique Bibendum, to which I responded: "I  have been lusting after a Bibendum."  Immediately she volleyed with a photo and asked, "Is he O.K.?"

Bibendum photo by Misha

Is he O.K?!!  The Bibendum she found is the most adorable French version of the Michelin Man one could ever dream of."  By the way, how did she do that?  Did she have the little fat guy up her sleeve?

The Kid is I sent her another message, "I am lusting for a French Bastide."  I can't wait...gotta go check my e-mail.
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