Saturday, August 3, 2013

Warrior Rabbits and Bubble Gum

Maggie the mannequin is wearing a usagi (Japanese for bunny) hat.
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We are what we this, as I walk the dogs, I am not grandmother.  No, I am Usagi a Japanese Warrior without a master, without fear (as I swoop down to pick up the dog poop.)  Those bunny ears fill me with the same magic that I felt as a child of six. Way back then, there was a cartoon kid in my bubble gum wrapper named Bazooka Joe.  He had a cape and could blow gigantic bubbles with his bubble gum.  As Joe knew nothing about aerodynamics, his bubble gum and cape propelled him through the sky in search of adventure.  So, with a doll blanket tied around my shoulders and a giant bubble of Bazooka gum plastered against my face, I would jump from the porch stoop, fully expecting to be airborne.  Each time I knocked myself silly, landing on the ground or in a shrub, I got up and tried it again.  To think of it...that's pretty much the way I have gone through life.  Joe, what kind of a life lesson was that!?

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