Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little Heart-to-Heart with Mother Nature

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Mother Nature, did you think it cute to give me those little blond hairs on my elbows?  Oh ya, I spotted them in the mirror the other day when I was brushing my teeth. I also noticed the peach fuzz on my cheeks and chin...not glamorous at all.  And I always wanted big boobs, but at my age?  Where were those girls when I could have used them at twenty?  You were so kind to my face in my youth.  Never did you let a pimple near my lovely complexion.  But now...did you think they would distract from those wrinkles which you so deftly left with me when I wasn't paying attention?  I have noticed more and could go on, but I think you sense my displeasure with your handiwork.  When I asked that I always look like a Georgia Peach, I think you did not understand...or perhaps you have a wicked sense of humor.  Well, I am not laughing, Big Mama.


  1. Oh yes...
    I have that fuzzy peach look happening too...we are in good company!

    1. Hi Hostess of the humble bungalow,
      Thanks for stopping by. So, we are both Georgia Peaches! And neither of us is from Georgia.

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