Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Household Help

Skipper helps clean the rugs.

Each of our furry family members has chores, which he has chosen for himself.  I do not know how they make such decisions on the division of labor.  And I am impressed that they do not argue about who gets what task, though they argue about food, toys and who walks ahead of the other on our outings.

Skipper also helps with changing bed linens, taking out the garbage, vacuuming...following the roaring yellow beast around the bungalow in case it decides to attack me.  Scooter's main job is to guard the bungalow against all dangers, which include the postal carrier and anything with small wheels.  Scoot also helps with the laundry.  As the laundry room is in the back house, he prides himself in following me across the patio with a pair of dirty socks, then proudly bringing them in when they are clean.  They both announce the UPS carrier and eagerly wait to dispense with the paper and plastic packing in the newly delivered boxes.

If you are a possum, you do not want to come close to me on a dark night, as they both have taken on the job of protector.  And if you come to visit, both Scooter and Skipper will greet you excitedly with wagging tails and welcoming yelps.  But Scooter will have chosen what we call a prancing prop (a toy, a rock, an old treat) and commence prancing for you with his prop poking from his furry little face...I think he was a cabaret dancer in his former life.  Then they both will sit near you and listen, for they have chosen to be great listeners, tilting their heads knowingly with each sentence you complete, occasionally interjecting an understanding, "Hmmm."

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