Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jean-louis Breux Presents Contemporary French Artist Jacques Barry in Heights New Gallery Space

New gallery space at Installations Antiques.

The French artist, Jacques Barry.
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Last night, Jean-louis Breux presented the work of contemporary French Artist Jacques Barry at a new Heights gallery space at Installations Antiques. This new venue was a wonderful match for this Frenchman's art...the space looks and feels magically raw, as does Barry's forceful art.


  1. Great-looking gallery - it looks like a Soho loft. I wish I could visit to get a good view of the interesting art.
    And, thank you for the link to Installation Antiques!

  2. Oh Annie - what an amazing space for art and antiques! Wish I was closer to Houston - I wanted to be at the Urban Market today!! thanks for the link to Installations. Now I will click over to see more of the work of Jacques Barry.

  3. amazing venue! I love great loft like spaces...nothing close to this within a hundres miles of me...I will be coming home (to Texas) in January...can't wait...donna

  4. Annie and Gary,
    Many thanks from Jacques, Anne and Jean-Louis.
    Your blog is sent overseas to be enjoyed by Barry's French fans!
    Merci beaucoup.

  5. Annie, his work is beautiful, and what a great space! I haven't been to the heights for a while, I'm inspired to go again!

  6. I'd love to have gone. What a beautiful showing from the looks of it. I wonder if he got to sell any. I really like the line of bugs in that third photo, great angle.

  7. That looks like a fun place and event! I also loved your collection of vintage white buttons!

    Hope all is well with you! Dana