Sunday, November 29, 2009

Never Have Lumps of Coal Been So Chic!

Lumps of coal for the naughty among us.

Natural seasonal touches...only Aaron Rambo and Ruth Davis, at Found for the Home, could be so chic with green.

Our kind of tree...understated and alive!

Without striking a match, this is a warm touch.
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Ruth Davis and Aaron Rambo, who hold the keys to Found for the Home, threw open their doors to welcome the season. The fragrance of fresh boxwood, cedar, pine and softly scented candles filled the cool night air. Wherever one looked, there were magical ideas for one's own nest. Everyone loved the amusing jars filled with lumps of coal and tagged Naughty.

Later...right here on this will see more of Found's retro industrial chic plus a pair of shoes to die for.


  1. You have given me an idea! Somewhere, Cracker Barrell I think, I saw a bag of black candy that looks like coal. I have a particular family member that will get this edible "naughty" gift. Hee hee.

  2. They are both very clever.....Great pictures. Don't you just love FRESH??????

  3. yeah, more clever than i thought