Friday, March 19, 2010

Redbud Trees in Bloom!

Cercis canadensis L. (Eastern Redbud)

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Spring in the Heights is magical! Who doesn't love all the Redbud trees in bloom? And who would notice a Redbud tree if it weren't in bloom? In summer it's a scraggly runt of a tree in spite of it's pale-green, heart-shaped leaves but in winter it's best to glance the other way.

Indeed, blooms create the magic. I think I shall go adorn myself with flowers. Perhaps they'll make me look as young and fresh as my wildest dreams!


  1. These look wonderfull.So glad Spring is out there somewhere.We have had 4 avalanches come down around us today.You are as young and fresh as Spring !Go for the flowers!

  2. Happy Spring to you! I love redbuds, and we are planning on planting one in our back yard this summer.

    Of course, we are at least a month away from seeing them bloom here in the barely-thawed north.

    Thanks for showing such lovely pictures so I can enjoy yours.

  3. Mine, too. It seems they just popped out overnight. Something new is blooming every day. That means we'll start mowing soon. Oh joy.

  4. Hi Annie, Thanks for the spot of spring on this first day of Spring! I love red buds. We are about a month behind you so this is a wonderful first day of Spring!

  5. Happy First Day Of Spring!
    That is a beautiful bush. I love the look and the smell of the trees in blossom.

  6. The Redbuds are blooming here in Florida as well. I just posted yesterday about them! I cut branchs and brought them inside...Oh, they are so beautiful!
    Blessings and Happy Spring!

  7. Oh the Redbuds are blooming in Austin, I call them the magical tree! I am so happy I found your blog, I am new to this wonderful world of blogging, it's so fascinating! Your blog is amazing.

    Nancy's Notes