Monday, June 21, 2010

Fire on 22nd Street

A motorist makes a hasty u-turn.

From our driveway, I watch as the fire fighters put out the truck fire.

Fire fighters use bars and power saws to open the hood.

Fire's out! Thanks, Houston Fire Fighters.
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There is always excitement in the Houston Heights, our neighborhood, and today was no different. On 22nd street at the corner of Rutland, a truck burst into flame. Tall Husband ran out with my cell phone...he never has his own phone handy. While he was on the phone to 911, I was running down the street with our kitchen fire extinguisher (Tall Husband later teased me.) The Fire Fighters arrived with their equipment just as I was about to pull the pen on my I ran back home to grab my camera, having missed a photo op of the really big flames.

No one was injured, as the driver seems to have hastily left the scene.


  1. I am glad everyone is alright. My husband never uses his phone either. It is always mine.
    Just when ya thought it wasn't hot enough, something like a fire happens. Whew!

  2. Glad to hear it all came out o.k. It COULD have been that horrible arsonist that's setting all those fires in the Heights. That must have been a sight to see you running in the streets with your kitchen extinguisher. At Least you were pro-active! Hope all is well on 22nd. It's been HOT on 30th!