Thursday, June 3, 2010

She Just Lost Her Head

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Photo taken at Blackmail, a boutique in Austin, Texas.

I just lost it today! Tall Husband has often said that I need to get angry sometimes. Well, it’s too bad he didn't see me in action today.

An SUV pulled up in front of The Bunny Bungalow this afternoon. As I was expecting a landscape architect, I peeked out the window. What did I see? A motorist had just parked and began cleaning out his vehicle, throwing his trash out his window. I ran out on the front porch and called out to him, "Why are you throwing your garbage in my yard!?"

And without waiting for an answer, I sprang through the gate of the old picket fence, scooped up all his trash and threw it through the driver's window, right into his lap. He was so angry, that he peeled out, ran the stop sign, turned the corner on two wheels, then sped down a side street. I just smiled, because he didn't know about the huge speed bump in his path...his SUV made a lovely smashing sound when it hit that bump!

And Tall Husband thought that I couldn't get angry!


  1. Good for you!! That'll teach him. I love the baby heads in the chair and I love that shop, Black Mail, too. Haven't been there in a while though.

  2. I like your post and clever with the title and picture of doll heads. You have good aim, and these kind of acts by thoughtless people make me so angry too.
    Love you post

  3. YAY!!! That is a great story!! I think SUV drivers are a special breed of human. I know I shouldn't generalize, but not too long ago I just did a post on one of them blocking my door to my car. I almost keyed that bad boy!!! I just wish I could have witnessed in real life, you throwing that trash into their car!!

  4. Well done! I hope the guy thinks twice before pitching garbage out of his car window.

  5. I hope he wasnt your landscape architect.

  6. Good for you Annie! Maybe they should change "don't MESS with Texas" to Don't MESS up Annie's yard!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  7. love it -you go girl~
    oh, and I am crazy for that photo...


  8. love the pic for sure. you go girl! the nerve of that guy!



  9. Good for you! Why would someone decide to clean out their car curbside? He deserved to get a ear full!!! Susan :)

  10. Good for you, Annie! What a crazy thing for him to do. Speedbump... classic. Hope he decides to think twice next time he decides to do something so stupid. Good thing you were home. Imagine if you were out and came back to an ugly mess! ~michelle

  11. Go Annie! That is not only rude, it is just plain weird. Who does that these days? I hope not everyone thinks it is SUV drivers in general - I have a big old Suburban - "Big Green" I call her - and she has hauled plenty of goodies back and forth to antique shows. I promise we, Big Green and I, would NEVER do anything like that!!
    Also, love the doll heads. I used to look at them all the time at Warrenton and my antiquing buddy is just creeped out by them - so funny.

  12. I just found your blog and I must say, this is my favorite post so far! I love that you threw his trash back in his car, I would have done the same thing. What a jerk!
    An SUV Driver that despises litterers