Friday, October 8, 2010

Moving In!

It's finished! The garage/studio behind the Bunny Bungalow is finished and Tall Husband and I have begun to move in. Also, the hard scape, sprinkler system and French drains have been completed. Most of the landscaping is in. The new Adirondack chairs are on the screened second-floor porch. What a great place to sit and read or to chat with Tall Husband.

The landscape architect had an antique-brick patio installed and our two crape myrtle trees moved...those trees are in their third location!

Jasmine is being trained to cover the fence and the old well is still with us. We are considering turning the well into a water feature and have inquired about an antique French pump.

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See the back of the bungalow? The door and three windows on the right will be replaced by double French doors and a new porch. Oh, and that ugly gas meter will be moved.

Have a great weekend!

A big thanks to our friend, Mac (AKA Linda's Cute Husband) for moving all our boxes of books upstairs!!!


  1. what a beautiful job you have done! it looks like it was always there it fits in so well architecturally.
    love it!!!!!


  2. How exciting for you guys, thanks for letting us take a peek!