Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out on the Porch

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These Adirondack chairs, on our second-floor-screened-in porch, are from Design Within Reach.

Don't you just love Adirondack style? Our new chairs are EC (ecologically correct), as each chair is made from 100 plastic milk bottles. I like to believe we're sitting on some of our old recycled bottles.


  1. I love the look of them too...but I just can't get UP out of them any I have to avoid them. But they are so sweet on your new porch.
    I am betting you are enjoying this porch a lot this past month here in Houston.


  2. Now that is very cool Annie. I love them and the style of Adirondack has always appealed to me.

    Rose you can always put some cozy cushions on them...

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    Art by Karena

  3. They look super cozy...I might need help getting up out of them too!

    Love the Arts and Crafts Font here on the image...and eco all round.

  4. I love adirondack chairs!
    I just included a pic of mine my son made for me in a new post.
    They are so comfy
    I have never seen plastic ones in such a cool color!
    I think they look wonderful

  5. Those are really nice, and I would have never thought they were made of that!! Snazzy :)

  6. They are a really good design ,I hope they come over to Norway !

  7. I like them Annie! Cushions,,,,, need cushions.....HAHA Maryanne Hope TH is feeling better.........xo

  8. I want a little Texas bungalow tooooo please!!!! LOL RThis Cali girl just got back from Warrenton so I'm ALL ABOUT TEXAS!!!
    Just found your lovely blog & I look forward to following you through life's many adventures!
    Smiles Friend,

  9. That's so cool! I'll try to get something similar in a near future!