Monday, February 28, 2011

In Pursuit of Childhood Memories

Replica of a 1940 toy airplane...

now hanging 10 feet above the stairwell in the studio apartment...

retired after giving young grandchildren magical rides around the neighborhood.

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This little plane holds a lot of childhood memories.

Tall Husband had told me about the little boy who lived down the street from him when he was five; the boy who had a pedal plane; the boy who would let no one ride in this plane. Tall Husband's parents knew he longed to have that they bought him a used, pedal station wagon! Not a cool ride.

Days after Tall Husband shared this memory with me, a new catalog arrived in the mail. As I thumbed through it, this little airplane flew off the page into my imagination...I could see Tall Husband as a little boy finally flying his little plane. When the plane arrived in time for our anniversary, I thought his heart would burst with happiness.

Each time a grandchild visited, Tall Husband carried the little plane outside for each child to ride, to imagine that they could fly if only they pedaled fast enough. Now that the little craft has been outgrown, it will hang in our stairwell for all to see.

So you can have a happy childhood, even if it does come late in life!

Note: Thank you Don, for hanging this piece of happiness for us today!

This Silver Pursuit is from Airflow Collectibles and was purchased years ago from Vivre.


  1. how sweet are you? tall husband must have been thrilled- and all those memories you made...


  2. What a sweet story and what fortunate children. Every time Tall Husband sees this plane he will think of you and the grandkids.

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