Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Healing Hands

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I'm using one hand to do this posting, under the influence of some really good painkillers, as I had surgery on my left hand yesterday. When Tall Husband and I arrived home from the hospital last night there was a curious bag sitting at our kitchen door. At first we thought someone had delivered pizza to the wrong house. With the goofiness caused by surgical drugs, I thought UPS was in the pizza know drop it on a doorstep and run! However, inside the bag we found a gift for me and fantastic homemade lasagna for the two of us to heat for dinner. It was from our friends Linda and Cute Husband.

Aww, you guys! Thanks for such sweet thoughtfulness.

Note: Just one photo due to the limited mobility...I'll take a photo of the beautiful scarf that was inside the gift wrap when the hand cooperates.


  1. On Annie, I hope you will heal quickly. That's not a fun way to spend Christmas.

    Make sure everyone waits on YOU!

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Hope you're feeling better today Annie...also hope the lasagna doesn't make you sick! L

  3. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks for dropping by and for the healing wishes. Merry Christmas.

    Hi Linda,
    I am feeling better today, off the painkillers and on the way to having two hands again. Your lasagna is heavenly. I think it has healing powers. Happy Holidays!

  4. Annie, I wish you and Tall Husband a warm and merry Christmas.

    Hope your hand heals soon... but at least you can get out of doing the Christmas dishes! Terri

  5. What a fabulous gift for your healing pleasure! Sure hope that hand gets back to its good feelings again soon! Happy holidays! Coralie