Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Wednesday: A Fine French Hen for Saara

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Whenever we take a roadtrip to see Tall Son and his family, we always stop in historic Brenham, Texas to visit with Maryanne and Robespierre at their French flavored shop, Beadboard UpCountry. On our Thanksgiving trip, we were looking for hostess gifts for our daughter-in-law Saara. Saara (who should write a book...schooled by nuns in a Mexican convent, married a Mexican diplomat who mysteriously died in Denmark) loves chickens. In Beadboard that day, sat this wonderful hand carved wooden hen. So, this fine French hen now dominates Saara's kitchen table.


  1. Before I get too busy with wrapping gifts and then our new bundle I wanted to say "Merci" for following Parisienne Farmgirl this past year. I hope to "see" you around next year!!!!
    I hope you continue to share your adventures and thoughts thru the art of blogging and that you find 2010 a wonderful year.
    Thank you again et Joyeux Noel!


  2. Hi Annie!
    Glad to know our French Hen got a good home!!!
    We always love to hear where our things end up and how they're being used.....It was nice to see you both, always a pleasure.....

  3. Isn't it great when you find the PERFECT gift?

    Your daughter-in-law is so lucky.

  4. Think of the work that went into making that little hen. Just think of it! It's wonderful and a wonderful gift! :)