Monday, December 28, 2009

Rings and Things

My Wedding Ring
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This is my wedding ring which I cannot wear, as my fingers are swollen blue sausages since the surgery on my left thankful that I did not photograph them for this posting. Tall Husband has been my bather. With bag on my left, bandaged hand, he bathes me in the shower, placing liquid soap in my right hand so I can feel helpful. Never mind that I have spent all my professional life on rehabilitation teams and know all the tricks and skills of doing things one handed; this is more fun and I've surrendered completely to his method. But I do miss wearing my wedding ring. You know the feeling of nakedness you feel without that symbol.

Now this I cannot believe: Tall Husband smashed his left palm with a hammer yesterday...a nasty painful injury...not dead center but on the edge. So now we have to help each other, for between us we have a pair of good hands. He refused my offer of pain medication, perhaps he's worried that they will give him the same nightmares they've given me.

It's off to the surgeon today for a post-op appointment.


  1. hope all goes well for you and hubby....good thing yall work together as a team..

  2. Oh Annie - at first I was liking the sweet part about him bathing you........but then to read of his injury! I am so sorry. Sending good wishes for healing to you both!

  3. OMG! I guess the saying is right..."when it rains, it pours?" Hope you both get to doing better soon...and I guess it at least happened before the new year began. So, you can say your New Year...will have started with a BANG. (no pun intended) LOL


  4. Hope your hand continues to get better! I know what you mean about not wearing your wedding ring...that naked feeling! I love your "Atlas" ring.

  5. OW. Here's wishing a speedy recovery to both of you.

  6. Get well soon. And thank God for the ties that bind us so. x