Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Peek Behind the Garden Gate

Preserved hydrangea in a vintage Hungarian seedling pot.

An antique German pudding mold.

An old antique bed fit for a shabby chic princess.

Unique floral arrangements and a wonderful ceramic chicken, taking it all in.

The Fabulous Flora of Behind the Garden Gate
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Behind the Garden Gate, a popular Houston Heights shop, recently moved into a new space, just down the street from the original spot on West 19th. Flora, aptly named canine shop girl, greeted Tall Husband and me on our visit there today.

Felix Hernandez, owner, has a wonderful way of juxtaposing floral arrangements, organic candles and unusual antiques. He also has a great selection of botanical books and local honey. His new shop offers the ultimate in chic cocooning.

There was a handsome, whitewashed terracotta toad hiding under an old table, next to an antique German pudding mold. He came home with us and will find a home with Tall Son, who is absolutely superstitious about toads. This toad truly seems magical, like everything Felix brings to Behind the Garden Gate.

Behind the Garden Gate
Felix Hernandez
238 West 19th Street, Suite B
Houston, TX 77008

See more photos of the shop and Flora here.


  1. As always I wish I were there ,when you show a shop!

  2. i LOVE that place. The last time I was there they had a bunch of delicious dips out for tasting. mmmmm.....And HOW CUTE is FLORA?

  3. Thanks for the trip to the antique store!

  4. Love the shop and especially love Flora! You have been shopping some good places lately!

  5. Thank you for the tour of this wonderful shop. Love the dog

  6. Hey Annie - I am impressed that YOU are impressed with my post. You are a great photographer and I always admire your taste. Thanks for your comment!

  7. love those photos! what unique diplays- love the planter near the chicken. patches of different flower grouping -Peter Rabbit would love it...


  8. Flora is adorable. My favorite shops have a "house cat" or "house dog."

    I NEED to visit Houston.

  9. Felix is way cuter than his flowers. Love always, Laura