Monday, April 2, 2012


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Decades ago, my college biology professor stated to the class, "Just remember that there is something called DNA.  In the future, you will hear more about DNA, exciting and astounding things."  She was right.  This week I learned something really exciting about DNA from Tall Husband.  He had been watching a PBS documentary and told me that there was a company featured on the show that does DNA testing for a reasonable cost and without a physician's order!  The company is 23andMe.

I immediately went on line and perused their interesting website, then ordered their DNA kit and a years membership for $207.00 USD, which is cheaper than the DNA testing for our dog Skipper.  Will I find a long-lost family member?  Find out why my joints have dislocated all my life?  Learn that I'm a carrier of some disorder?  Learn my drug responses based on my DNA?  Perhaps I'll even find out why I'm the only real blond in a large family.

Stay tuned, we may be related!


  1. Be certain you are working with a reputable business before you choose this option .
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  2. I've always wanted to do such a test ! And I think we might very well be related !!!