Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Russian Princess so Far Away

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Photographs of people you love are double edged...they simultaneously bring a smile and a jab at the heart.  Poignancy is painful.  This is my granddaughter, Cecilia, in her Russian costume.  She is at once physically so far away and digitally near...via her mother's smart phone.

Her mother sends e-mail too: Here is a quote that accompanied the above photo:

David asked me last night what I would have done if I had lived during WWII (they are studying this period in school), and I found a half-dead Nazi on the ground, but had the possibility to save his life? Then we began to talk about the Buddhist notion of karma, etc. Cecilia said she knew what karma meant and would "show" us! So she slapped me on the cheek (she got a scolding!!) and said "See? Karma! I slap you really hard, then my hand hurts! I was pretty stunned...physically and intellectually!

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  1. She sounds like a clever girl. perhaps for the time being that's all she needs to know.

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