Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dirty Laundry

Flowers for us all. Well, I couldn't show the dirty laundry!

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Maryanne of Beadboard UpCountry presented me with an award. I am delighted! However, I am required to tell seven things about myself that most of you don't know. That's a stretch for two reasons:
  • I'm not that complicated...seven things?
  • I'm such a blabber mouth...are there seven things still unknown?
Here's the dirty laundry:
  1. I translate the French blog Un Coeur en Provence into the English version, A Heart in Provence, and I don't even speak French. I've been reading French design magazines for years and have French designer friends, so I do translations like I'm code cracking, while retaining Laeriss's poetic touch. (I think I have been hampered in learning to speak French because Tall Husband, my daughter and my grandchildren all speak French. And they all laugh at my pronunciation.)
  2. I used to speak German quite well.
  3. I've been married three times, each time to a Texan...something about those Texans!
  4. As you can tell by #3, I don't put up with much.
  5. I'm a Zebra, as I have a rare genetic disorder, porphyria, which triggered a few years ago. (Paula, the daughter of Isabel Allende, died from porphyria. One day I'll tell you the story about how one of Allende's books saved my life.)
  6. I love British murder mysteries.
  7. We have a painful Texas mystery: Years ago, right before my wedding day, my stepfather who had adopted me, disappeared while on a fishing trip. Foul play was suspected, however, his body was never found.
O.K. You can wake up now!

Now I'm supposed to pass this award to seven other admired bloggers. However, I can't make that choice because I love you all...so this award is for all the blogs on my blog list and for all the wonderful bloggers who follow my blogs. So, claim this award for your blogs, along with my admiration for all that you do.


  1. Dear Annie,
    I meet you with e-mail since 2008, june. I 'm so happy, really, about your contribution, your help because you give life to "A Heart in Provence".
    Thank you so much, for me and for the other international people ;-)

  2. You sound like one of the most interesting people I have ever read...smiles...

  3. Laeriss: Merci!!!

    Ellen: Ahh, Thanks!

  4. Annie -

    I just wanted to tell you that you won the fragrance giveaway! Yay! Email me with your address at bonjourmadamestephanie@gmail.com when you get a chance.


  5. Dear Annie,
    This was the sweetest post. You know, we run across many people who come through our shop.
    From Day One, Robespierre and I knew you and TH were very special people before you started blogging and I was thinking how could this person learn to do that???? Because I didn't have a clue...Since then, you and TH were not only supportive and inspirational to Beadboard but were so helpful in ways that we didn't expect. We are so thankful to have met you both. We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished. AND you make extraordinary Madelines!!!! We love you both!!!! (keep em coming, OK??)