Monday, October 12, 2009

Lonny Magazine: Online Premier Issue!

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Have you heard the fantastic news? Lonny Magazine, a shelter/design magazine premiered online October 1st. For those of us who are still saddened over the loss of Domino, we can take solace in the digital pages of Lonny...all 194 of those beautiful pages. Michelle Adams, former Market Assistant at Domino and partner Patrick Cline, photographer, have created a wonderful online-only design magazine. I took the premier issue for a ride this morning and I can tell you that you'll love the copy and the photography. You will also be blown away by the feature that invites you to click on hyperlinks to their advertisers so that you can shop right from the pages of Lonny.

Outside Links:
  • You will also enjoy Michelle Adams' blog: M.A. Belle
  • Have a look at Rubie Green, Michelle's eco-friendly, online shop


  1. Oooooh.....something to enjoy on this snowy afternoon. Thanks for letting us know about the magazine.

  2. That's Annie! This is a wonderful resource to find amidst the loss of so many great "family members".

  3. I loved Domino, was sad when House & Garden folded and couldn't believe it when Gourmet bit the dust. All so sad. I love shelter magazines and just generally hate to see them go out of business, particularly when they are so well done. The publishing business as we know it is in terrible straits.

    Yes, I've heard about Lony, but haven't visited yet. Now I will.

    Thank you.

  4. Hadn't heard of this. Thanks for telling me about it!