Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Wednesday: An Old White Door

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Doors can welcome you in, as well as lock you out. I like to think of each door as a passage to the past as well as the future. This old white door beckoned to me, inviting me into a room with the feel and fragrance of many old souls. With my hand on the ancient rusty knob, I allowed myself the pure luxury of imagining others who had felt the old doorknob in their hands; of those that had been there long before I happened upon its stone stoop.

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  1. Hmmmm, beautiful in sentiment and literally.

  2. It's beautiful. They don't make them solid like this anymore and I love the layers of paint on it.

  3. Old doors can be re-purposed and used on new built-in closets or on bookshelves. They look great and add a sense of history to any room.

  4. Oh! Annie, what a delightful post! You have really got my wheels turning along with all the knobs that open up the past and present worlds to us! Thanks so much!