Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Magic Toad

They assured Tall Husband and me that Mr. Toad is magic.

He certainly looks magic...he even feels magic.

However, for a toad he's really a ham,

insisting that this is his best side.
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Yesterday, Tall Husband and I visited one of our favorite places in Houston...Adkins Architectural Antiques. I'm always on the lookout for antique bunnies when I go there, but this time an ugly toad found us. One has to admit, though, there is something quite charming about this toad and the people at Adkins assured us that Mr. Toad is magic. I immediately knew that Tall Son would adore him. So Mr. Toad is now at The Bunny Bungalow, looking quite at home with all the bunnies and awaiting Tall Son's next visit.

After all, Bunny Bungalow was once known as Toad Hall...before the previous owner sold the bungalow to us, packed up his toads and left us toadless.

Read here about Tall Son's love of toads. Right now Tall Son is on a business trip to Seattle, he's toadless in Seattle!


  1. You are so funny. I love that your house was once Toad Hall!

  2. I like your toad! I covet covet your toad, in fact. And your whole green thumb thing....GAH!