Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quirky Tag

I've been tagged by Elizabeth at Gossamer Wings to write six quirky things about myself.

How to play

1. Link the person you tagged.

2. mention the rules

3. Tell six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.

4. Tag six other bloggers by linking them.

5. Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

Please only play if you really want to and haven't done this already.

Here are my quirky things.

1. I rarely watch television.

2. I always mess up a joke. My family members tell me that my mess up's are frequently funnier than the original jokes.

3. I hate smoked salmon. In order to eat it and not offend my friend, I would get drunk on Aquavit and cover the salmon with bundles of dill whenever she served the wretched stuff. Now that I can no longer have alcohol, I don't know what I'll do the next time she invites us to over. Borrow a cat to take to dinner?

4. I cry when I hear bagpipes. They sound so beautiful and mournful.

5. If I find a shoe style I like, I buy a pair in black and a pair in brown. More than once I've looked down at my feet in public and found that I had on identical shoes, except one was brown and one was black.

6. I listen to the radio before I fall asleep (I use ear phones so that I do not keep Tall Husband awake.) Once I fell asleep listening to a call-in show on which a farmer and his son were describing aliens who had visited their farm and beamed up their cows. Upon waking in the wee hours, I mistook my new floor lamp for an alien being and nearly had a heart attack. O.K, I was groggy but what's that farmer's excuse!?

I will tag:

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  1. Oh my - that was fun to think about ! Thanks for tagging me Annie ...

  2. Hello! Thanks for tagging me. I am away from home right now, but will play along, when I get back.

  3. Thanks Jay, Kelley, Tara, and Carolina. Carolina will "play" when she gets back home.

  4. Hey, Thanks for playing, I think your quirky things were great!