Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Warning: This is Not a Pretty Site

Unfinished houses: The house on the left and the one on the right were begun in 2006 and are not yet completed. Construction on the house in the middle was begun this year and is progressing slowly.

There are no longer Realtor's signs on the property, just the ones above.

Missing House Parts

There are missing doors and windows, leaving the property open to weather and vagrants.

Above ground water pipes are a navigational hazard.

More invitations to vagrants, whom the neighbors say they frequently see at night.

Piles of garbage that beget more garbage.

2203, 2205 & 22o7 Rutland Street in Houston Heights

Construction on two of these houses was begun in 2006 yet they have not been completed. Progress is slow on the middle house that was begun earlier this year. There is no apparent security, so vagrants have been seen coming and going at night. Garbage is in piles around the property. This is not a pretty site and is the antithesis of the construction site in a previous posting about 2125 Yale. Ownership information can be found through a search at


  1. Why hasn't someone in the neighborhood filed a complaint? Or at least a query of the City?

  2. It makes me angry to see things like that. We used to live next door to a house that was abandoned mid reno, and vagrants helped themselves to the shelter. Our garage was constantly being broken into - and I could never shake the feeling that I was being watched.
    Were old houses torn down to half-build the ones pictured? So sad ...

  3. Contact Neighborhood Protection at the City of Houston. There are nuisance ordinances that these houses are in violation of. Neighborhood Protection is a part of HPD and can have surprising results when they go after owners. If owners do not respond, NP will secure the houses and file liens on the properties. Ironically, they sometimes use convicts for the labor to install the plywood.

    You can try structural inspection at Code Enforcement also, but I'm guessing you will have better luck with NP.

  4. I believe these were Choice Development homes - Choice is now out of business.

  5. Thanks for the information and encouragement. All was most helpful!

  6. I think Choice Builders had these projects... And it looks like they are really upsetting some people! This one website is dedicated to their poor work: