Friday, September 12, 2008

Thoughts Before the Storm

We will wait for hurricane Ike. Friends are with us, having boarded up their home and evacuated, leaving the stuff of their lives behind, not knowing if they will have a home after this weekend...Not even knowing if they will be safe from the storm in our home. They each brought something with them that is special: a doll that had belonged to a grandmother; treasured Russian dolls; sausage from Paris (the wife's parents live in Paris) for comfort food; and precious photographs. We do not know what the next days will bring but for now we eat homemade oatmeal cookies and catch up with the stories of our lives.


  1. We are fine and so is our property. Thanks for asking. Our eyes are still bugged out, though. Ike came ashore as a category 2 but lacked just 1mile/hr of being a three. So things are a mess. Some people were not so lucky.