Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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I'm neither a mad dog, nor an Englishman, so I'm hiding from the sun. It's heading toward 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in Houston, and our Dutch house guest is taunting us by reading aloud the weather report for his hometown: Sunny with a high of 70 degrees. Hush or you won't get any dinner, Dutch Boy!

Note: Mad Dogs and Englishmen is from a song by Englishman Noel Coward. Click here to see him sing his song: Mad Dogs and Englishmen


  1. Phew thats hot! We have had very humid weather here in the UK, we arent used to being so warm, but a few thunderstorms have cleared the air X

  2. It's been, like in the 60's most of this week. We're freezing our asses off here in Michigan. Maybe today got into the 70s with a little sun. Weather seems all dorked up everywhere!

  3. I saw on the weather report that it is real hot your way :( It is about 100+ here today too!!!
    Stay cool.