Saturday, July 18, 2009

Step by Step

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Tall Husband and I have been attempting to come to a decision about where and how we will live as we approach retirement. We have visited other cities and looked at other houses and talked with other couples who have made these tough choices. In our situation, we find ourselves with two houses, My Ranchburger and The Bunny Bungalow, with contents which are very different in style. Downsizing is quite involved, for each house holds so many memories.

All your e-mails and comments have played a big part in helping us work our way to a decision. Some of you, like us, have grown children living far away, so friends are our immediate families; You pointed out the need to stay where friends are. Others indicated that there is life after change. A few of you, just flat out, said that we cannot sell The Bunny Bungalow. Some of you recommended making changes in small steps.

So, we have begun to take some small steps. In spite of hurricanes and the horrible heat, we will stay here in Houston with our a former military wife, I've had to part with too many friends. Then Tall Husband and I talked about houses. We agreed that staying in My Ranchburger makes financial sense, but the quirky, modest Bunny Bungalow has captured our hearts. Next we talked with our children to ask them to choose things from My Ranchburger, so that they may have them while we are still around to see them enjoyed.

And today, at The Bunny Bungalow, we took another step: we met with two wonderful architects to ask them to design us a garage with a studio, so as to add living space without changing the character of this old bungalow. We are off on a new adventure!

Thanks for all your support and sane advice. And know that there will be reports and photos of this adventure.

P.S. A magical coincidence: The architectural firm has on staff a person who loves and lives with bunnies...real ones!


  1. We are doing a lot of soul searching as we near retirement - we do know that we will sell this home of 15 years but have yet to find 'the' place to move to.

  2. Sounds like you've made a good and wise decision! After family has removed whatever items they may be able to make use of, remember Freecycle for any other non-antique (i.e. not valuable) stuff. It's wonderful to be able to give and expect nothing in return.

  3. What a considered, exciting adventure to embark upon with Tall Husband. I look forward to the documentation . . . Glad you are keeping the Bungalow . . . It's such a nice place to come and visit.

  4. That sounds like a spectacular plan! My best to you as you continue your projects!

  5. I discovered so many interesting sides of life as I went thru retirement phase.Moving "slowing down".I wish you a good time as you go forward!

  6. What a big decision and it sounds like a great one. Congratulations on nearing retirement!

  7. How wonderful ! This news has put a big smile on my face :-)

  8. I read a lot of books and thought a lot before I retired. Husband was already retired. One year before I retired we decided to move from Fort Worth, TX to Portland, OR. It took that year to get the junk out of our attic where we'd lived 30 years, and to get repairs made and sell the house. I retired on a Friday and we hit the road for Oregon early Saturday morning. I've loved every minute of it.

    We left a daughter in Ft. Worth but we have a son here and a 7 year old grandchild.(also the daughter-in-law) Daughter flies up every three months for a long week-end & spends a week at Christmas. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Retirement dol-drums never happened. I went straight into a new life.

    I hope you love your new situation as much as we love ours.

  9. Tough decisions I'm sure. I sure hope all falls into place.
    Not ever owning our own home, we still find ourselves wondering, "what now" The girls are grown,and we don't have to worry about school districts etc. One is of the nest,and the other will be soon. At this point we may buy our first home, but where??? I don't even what to think about it.

  10. It sounds like you have made a wonderful and comfortable plan. Too much change where wonderful memories are involved might have a sad result. Best of luck with you wonderful future.

    Tricia - AVolli