Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boxed in by the Big Box

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I chose one of my photos of this glossy Abelia (Abelia x grandiflora), because a photo relevant to the story below would have been ugly.

I'm exasperated, irritated, nettled, piqued, annoyed, vexed. Yes, vexed...that word will do. I know that the things bothering me are quite minuscule compared to the global picture, but that doesn't stop tiny-minded me...I'm still vexed.

More than a month ago, at my Ranchburger, our microwave gave up, died. As there is no replacement for this microwave, part of a built-in microwave/oven unit, we ordered an entire replacement. So, during the interim, the box store has had to return two damaged units to the manufacturer and we are still without an oven. We are now awaiting a third oven...from a different manufacturer, who, hopefully, knows how to pack and ship their ovens. All was going well with our transactions with the box store until they seemed to think we would like one of our refunds in the form a huge gift card to their store, then claimed it couldn't be undone...little do they know!

Oh, did I mention that while we were sans oven, we had a charming house guest for whom we would have loved to bake things? Or that my cell phone decided to follow the microwave to recycle heaven? I never even wanted a microwave...Tall Husband brought that into the marriage...but my cell phone and my real oven?! I'm so hot under the collar that we better start worrying about my part in this whole global-climate-change thing.


  1. How terribly frustrating! My sister had a similar thing happen a few years ago, first the micro-wave, then the stove, then the refrigerator all in a few weeks time. She had built-in's and everything she had to purchase was a different and new size. No fun!

    P.S. I wondered why it was so hot out yesterday! Broke all previous records! Sure hope your day is better today!

  2. I so understand. I also wonder why appliances and phones are so disposable these days. These things used to last forever. We've been through 3 washing machines in 10 years. My mother had the same one for 30 years. XXX Kim

  3. I am so sorry for your experience. I went through a time when it seemed like everything broke. I felt it was all I talked about, and it affected my mood and everything I did for days! Don't you wish we weren't so dependent on so many forms of technology? Wishing you a better day , today!

  4. There's almost nothing worse than appliances on the fritz. I will give *kisses* to all my appliances/techie devices tonight to let them know how much I appreciate them and to keep on keeping on!