Friday, July 24, 2009


Astronaut Buzz Aldrin signs books at Louis Vuitton, Houston. (Photo: Tall Husband)

Two history teachers pose with Buzz Aldrin, as Tall Husband snaps their photo with their phone camera and I focus on their momentous occasion with my trusty Nikon.

Fans wait in long lines to meet one of the most famous humans on the planet.

Flying saucers? Moon Pies? No...just some French macarons that Louis Vuitton had flown in from Paris.

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Last night, Anne Breux, a French Designer working in Houston, told us about Buzz Aldrin's scheduled appearance at Louis Vuitton here in the city. So off we went today to buy his book, Magnificent Desolation, and to meet the legend himself. We were totally charmed.

All of Houston has gone wild, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. Some of us are old enough to remember where we were when Apollo 11 landed on the moon...I was living on a U.S. Air Force Base just outside Lincoln, Nebraska.

Thank you, Buzz, for the beautiful ride.

Interesting coincidence: at one of Anne and Jean-Louis Breux's parties, we met French Astronaut Michel Tognini and his charming wife.

Also, see Louis Vuitton's new campaign with Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell.


  1. How exciting to meet the legend in person! I can see why you were Moonstruck! Fabulous!

  2. Never thought Louis Vuitton and Buzz Aldrin would be in the same sentence. There goes the neighboorhood!

  3. Well, that looks super exciting!!That sure must have been something to be that close to him!

  4. Oh Annie, Thanks for taking me with you to see Buzz, it certainly does bring back memories.
    Gald you were there to get your book signed.

    I miss things like this living in the country, but the quite life makes up for it.


  5. Now that's history. Buzz is, as the first commenter said, a legend.

  6. What an amazing life to be an astronaut!

    After Alan Bean of Apollo 12 came back from his moon flight, he decided he wanted to become an artist. He was an admirer of my mother's work, so he had her give him some private lessons. It was very humorous... he wanted her to show him how to paint the moon as he saw it... not so easy since she had never been there!

    He currently has an art exhibit at the Smithsonian.