Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Neighborhood

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The Bunny Bungalow in Houston Heights

We are so proud here at The Bunny Bungalow, as we have just learned that our neighborhood has been chosen by This Old House as one of the Best Old House Neighborhoods for 2009. They only chose one neighborhood in each state and we are it for Texas. You can see the Houston Heights, Houston, Texas listing here.

Who knew that we are Urban Suburbanites? That's what This Old House calls us. Yep, that's US...Urban Suburbanites. Around here, we just call it small town living in the big city.


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  3. How exciting! My husband and I are building a house in the Heights, and we can't wait!
    ~ Ai Leen

  4. Congratulations! I hope people are not tearing down your wonderful old houses and building MONSTER houses like they are hear in Richardson!! xxx kim

  5. This is wonderful news. I like to see people falling in love again with urban neighborhoods.

  6. Ejaz Shah: Thanks for stopping by and for becoming a follower.

    Artisan Edibles: I'm so glad your will be a neighbor in the Heights!

    Kimberly: Thanks! Unfortunately, there is a lot of tearing down going on in the Heights. That's one reason we are keeping the Bungalow. We don't want it replaced with one of those "Garagemahal" houses.

    Linda: Thanks! I'm with you: these urban neighborhoods have so much to offer. What the article on the Heights didn't mention is a new, wide hike and bike trail that runs through the Heights all the way to downtown.

  7. I'm rather tired of folks disparaging non-bungalows in the Heights. I think some of the new builds are rather pretty actually. Some, admittedly, can be horrendously gargantuan - a whimsical oddity to an eclectic neighbourhood, perhaps? We're building on an empty lot, so hopefully we will be adding to the neighbourhood rather than detracting from it.

  8. Congrats!! Makes me want to come for a visit :)

  9. Excitement! How fantastic. When is the party, and will I be invited? lol. =D

  10. I just spent several minutes catching upon your blog/ are so interesting!
    How exciting to live in an area that has been given such an honor. It makes being there even all the more special, I'm guessing!
    So glad you're staying there after retirement and the new office area sounds like the perfect solution for a bit more space.
    Hope all goes well with that plan and I look forward to seeing the progress!! Dana

  11. Annie, it's about time This Old House 'discovered' Houston Heights; it's where I hope to retire, but only if I can find a bungalow like yours.
    That, and if there's a way to possibly cool down those Texan temperatures by, at least, 25 degrees.
    I don't ask for much.