Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dream On: Shopping in My Nightgown

When we cover the Round Top Antiques Shows, Tall Husband and I find that there are plenty of interesting local places to lay our heads, that is if we plan ahead, months ahead. This picturesque little cottage is Evans Antiques at Stage Coach Inn in Chappell Hill, Texas where we stayed. I did a posting last year about the Stage Coach Inn, which is about an hours drive from Round Top for the average driver; for a crazed antique hunter it's forty minutes away.

Most of us hate those four-letter words but shopping is not a four-letter word...and if it can be done in your night gown, after the shop has closed, it's even more fun! Yes, these were our digs for the night. As Tall Husband watched television and played with the remote, I shopped!

The place was stocked with wonderful antiques and reproduction early American items from tabletop to lighting.

Oh shoot! The old grandfather clock is sold. But not to despair, for everything is for sale...I think Eileen Evans, the shopkeeper, would even sell her husband Steve.

Just look at the patina on that old hutch. And if you look closely, you can see Tall Husband working that remote.

Soups on!

Even the bed we slept in was for sale, as were the lovely antique sheets and pillows. Watch out for the price tags, they stick you in your sleep!

View from the bed.

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Just one last shot and I was off to bed to dream of all the antiques around me. I fell asleep to the scent of beeswax candles and lavender drying on old racks across the hall.

Note: I didn't buy anything, as I had spent my allowance at Round Top and the historic little town of Brenham (more about that later.)


  1. Oh Annie, no wonder you were shopping in your nightgown!! What a place to stay, I would have been up all night, what fabulous antiques, just awesome! Your photographs of everything are just stunning!

    Have a great day!


  2. I love Steve and Eileen's shop. So glad you enjoyed your visit. Looking forward to your other posts on your trip. Did you enjoy Marburger?