Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Ranchburger is for Sale

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At My Ranchburger: Slate coffee table with marble sculpture and hydrangea.

If you are also a reader of My Ranchburger, the blog, you know that Tall Husband and I have put My Ranchburger, the home, up for sale. The Bunny Bungalow will be our fulltime home. This was a difficult choice, as I have lived in My Ranchburger during and since my college days and raised a family and a step family there. So, the place is full of wonderful memories. I'm the second and third owner of the home (but that's another story.)

You may see the listing here. There will be an open House at My Ranchburger on April 18th, 2010, 2-4 PM for anyone who's looking for a great Houston home with great neighbors. The address is on the listing.

If you happen by My Ranchburger, don't forget to notice my favorite reading spot...the hammock under the shade of the old pecan tree.

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