Friday, April 16, 2010

Is This Storybook Heaven?

As if this cottage, which is tucked away in the Houston Heights, weren't cute enough, it has flowers to match...masses of them. If you are not from Houston, let me tell you: these flowers aren't supposed to grow in this zone, but here they are.

I wonder if the homeowners have problems with bunnies nibbling at their greens?

Have you ever seen kale so large? Forget the bunnies, one must wonder if the neighbors help themselves to a nibble or two.

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So, I've got to say, Pinch me, for I think I've stepped into a fairytale!


  1. This image could leap out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens!
    Amazing garden...bunny heaven!

  2. That is one magical house! Isn't that red chard?? It sure is healthy and gorgeous!

  3. I forgot to say, that if you didn't tell us this was in Texas, I would have thought it was in Carmel California.

  4. Hostess: Thanks! It does look like it should be in Better Homes and gardens.
    Elizabeth: It is red Chard! Not a vegetable I see often in Houston.

  5. Hi Annie!
    Well I guess you certainly can grow things in the Heights! Adorable house, everything about it. Thanks! Maryanne xo

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL home! Obviously the "freeze" down here didn't hurt them...wonder what their secret was? Because we lost almost all my beautiful blooms! :(

    Have a beautiful week! xo..deb

  7. The bunnies do not know what they are missing. What a charming home and garden, Ilove it.

  8. love that! so glad you posted something on it...we had seen the house when driving one day and tried to find it on a bike ride and had no success. love the plants

  9. Wow that is a gorgeous front yard!